Art in Lockdown

At the University

If weren't for COVID, I would have been travelling to Finland to plan for a visiting artist residency next year. Thanks to Jari Stenvall and Ilpo Laitinen. However, the extra time that I have had has allowed me to reflect on previous experiences there. Here attached is a painting from January 2007 painted at the University of Lapland in Rovaneimi.


Buildings in the landscape

Fresco Crete 1

I am currently working on some ideas that occurred to me after finishing two pictures that were inspired by a photograph of a fresco in Crete. I realised that I had been interested in this kind of landscape for a long time and possessed many sketches that I had made from travelling throughout Britain, which are stored in an attic at home.


Winter Sale

Untitled 7

I am currently having a winter sale. Please browse each of my galleries at to see what is included.

Please contact me by email ( if you are interested in buying a painting, and to arrange delivery.


In Dunblane

At the Dunblane Exhibition

It has been very heartening that so many people have made such positive comments about my new works at the Dunblane Museum Gallery. The exhibition is open for another week and everyone is welcome. Please tell you friends.

Photo Credit: Ann Shaw


Return to Dunblane via Sweden

Detail of Spring Coming

I am returning to Dunblane Museum after my previous exhibition there in Spring 2015. In the meantime I've exhibited and was visiting artist in another museum, Jamtli in Ostersund, Sweden from March to April 2017. Here is a detail from one of my paintings from that residency.


Next Show in Dunblane

Fresco Crete

My next exhibition will at Dunblane Museum, The Cross, Dunblane, FK15 0AQ from 24 September to 18 October 2018. Do come.